Secrets Best Left Forgotten...

Throughout the world, relics of the past lay forgotten and alone, never truly resting, awaiting recognition, and when the Edicts of Guthix ceased to exist, not only did it allow gods to return to Gielinor, but it also allowed an equally ancient and much more obscure threat to strike back. The Holy Order of Demon Slayers, which you have already worked with in the quests Demon Slayer and Shadow of the Storm, have noticed strange things occurring in Wilderness, and are starting to fear for the worst. Join with old and new allies as you strive to unravel the ancient mysteries that shroud the God Wars and the champions of the ages past. However, things are not as they seem, and at the end of this adventure filled with combat, puzzles and story, you might wind up on questioning where your loyalties lie. In the end, some secrets are best left forgotten, for when unraveled, the world will open its eyes and see itself in a different light...

Secrets Best Left Forgotten... is the first quest I have ever written and published on RuneScape Forums, and the longest project I have ever worked with in general. It has taken over two years for the quest to shape into its final shape, but the time spent on writing the quest was worth it. But before going any further, I want to thank Any-Sao, Lord Drakan, Ren Bo Dash and Balustan for providing me much-needed feedback, which allowed me to shape the quest into what it’s now. I also want to thank LegendArts for providing me with the concept art for the quest.


  • Demon Slayer (the reworked version, mind you: for Silverlight, meeting Gideon Bede and defeating Delrith)
  • Shadow of the Storm (for Darklight, meeting Fathers Reen and Badden and defeating Agrith-Naar)
  • Wanted! (for access to the Temple Knights and the White Knights)
  • The Dig Site (for the references and lore about Saranthium)
  • One Piercing Note (for dialogue about the murders that happened in the Abbey)
  • The Death of Chivalry (for the use of the Wand of Resurrection)
  • The Tale of the Muspah (for access to the canoe to the fortress north of Trollheim)
  • 45 Divination
  • 40 Hunter
  • 35 Thieving
  • 30 Slayer

Highly recommended for extra rewards and understanding of the story:

  • Legends' Quest (for access to Holy Water and Nezikchened reference)
  • While Guthix Sleeps (for full rewards and Tormented Demon reference)
  • Ritual of the Mahjarrat (for full rewards and Ice demon/Glacor reference)
  • The World Wakes (for K'ril Tsutsaroth reference and possibly for World Guardian powers used during Entrana segment of the quest)
  • Underground Pass (Determines whether Holthion, Othanian and Doomion are referenced by the Demon Slayers and Shadow Guardian Crest reward)
  • Family Crest (Determines whether Chronozon is referenced by the Demon Slayers and the Blood Crest reward)
  • Monkey Madness (Determines whether the Jungle Demon is referenced by the Demon Slayers and the Jungle Crest reward)
  • Barbarian Training for full post-quest rewards.
  • 83 Slayer for full rewards.
  • 75 Divination for full rewards.
  • 85 Hunter for full rewards.
  • 92 Thieving for full rewards.

The following requirements only effect dialogue and small details, and thus are not a "recommended" requirement:

  • Birthright of the Dwarves (Determines whether Ikadia is absent from the quest or has extra dialogue)
  • The Void Stares Back (Determines whether Sire will refer to your actions against Grayzag in the quest

To begin this quest, you have to travel to Falador Castle, where Fathers Reen and Badden are arguing with White Knights, who tell them to stop wasting their time with their unfounded claims and ask them to leave. When you ask them what is going on, they tell you that they were trying to recruit the White Knights for their cause, but Sir Amik refused to help them due to the lack of evidence of an actual threat. When you ask for more information about this threat, they tell you that the information is confidential, but if you want to know, you would have to help them, and you get to accept the quest.

After you accept to help them, the monks tell you that they are in a hurry, and it isn’t safe to talk about it here, and they tell you to meet them at the rendezvous point. The monks quickly write something down to a piece of paper and handle you the notepaper before teleporting off. When you read the note, it contains scribbles that states: “Once under the blue moon, knock thrice and say ‘Armoured By Faith, Driven By Duty’.”

Go to the Blue Moon Inn at Varrock. Behind the bar is a trapdoor, much like at the Pick and Lute Inn at Taverley. Knock the trapdoor thrice and the voice of a female asks you why you are interrupting their private meeting. Once you say the password, she'll question who your contact was. When you tell to her that your contacts were Fathers Reen and Badden, she then asks for your note. After a few seconds of "mumbles" in the chat window, she allows you to go to the basement.

When you go down to the basement, you will encounter Fathers Reen and Badden, Gideon Bede, Brother Celerity, a new face (the same woman who opened the trap door) named Adelaide, and half a dozen unnamed folks in what looks like Templar Armour. Gideon Bede greets you, recognizing you from your quest together to defeat Delrith. When you ask what all this meeting is about, Reen and Badden apologize for the confusion and welcome you to the headquarters of the Holy Order of the Demon Slayers, a secret group committed themselves of getting rid of the menace brought by the demonic creatures. You have the option to point out that their 'headquarters' isn't particularly impressing, to which they reply by explaining that they do not have an official headquarters, but they make the most out of whatever temporary place they manage to rent for the time.

An elderly priest silences the group, steps forward and starts talking to you. The priest introduces himself as Father Konrad, the leader of the Holy Order of the Demon Slayers: an ancient organization that dates its foundations all the way to the Second Age, preceding even the Temple Knights. If you ask him if the Order was founded by Saradomin like the Temple Knights, he will admit that the Order was not, but rather started by some of his most dedicated followers. He explains that before they tell you their mission, they will need to know if you can be trusted with such critical information.

The Demon Slayers make you promise to swear your dedication to their cause. You repeat their unabridged oath:

"Armoured by faith; driven by duty; and bound to kill the enemies of almighty and wise Saradomin, we, the servants of the Lord of Order and Wisdom, ask you to welcome a new initiate to our group. Under the banner of the Saints who gave their lives fighting the menace of the Demons, I swear that from this day on, I will work towards the utter destruction of the Dark and Unholy Beasts of Pandemonium. From now on, I'm sworn to live as a Demon Slayer, and to die as one."

After the traditional oath, you get a humorous dialogue on how you want to swear in your loyalty. You can either choose to slit your hand and offer blood (to which Konrad describes as "Appreciated but disturbing."), a simple bow before the Demon Slayers, or a simple "You can trust me." (Which the Saradominists are forced to believe, as they are short on time.) All options lead to the next part.

Father Konrad tells that something is going on in the Wilderness. When a Demon Slayer was on a field mission to survey the demonic activity in the Wilderness Crater, she noticed that not only were a group of hellhounds on the crater acting very passively, as if they were waiting for something, a group of Zamorakian mages were performing experiments upon the giant monolith at the center of the crater. Since abnormal behaviour of the wildlife is not of their concern and Zamorakian activities are more important for Varrock and Falador to know, the Demon Slayers dismissed the idea at first, assuming that it all was a coincidence. However, as multiple Demon Slayers on field missions in the Wilderness had reported several atypical things happening and more and more reports came in about things like out-of-place volcanic and tectonic activity. Scouts had spotted Zamorakian mages accompanied by archers and warriors travelling across the Wilderness searching for things, wild animals behaving strangely, and demonic creatures grouping together to form larger packs. The Demon Slayers started to realize that they might be facing something even more serious than they would've expected. Reen continues by mentioning that Father Konrad sent Demon Slayers to request help from other powerful Saradominist factions in order to get into the bottom of this, but only the Temple Knights have taken them seriously and have given their support for reasons their contact did not specify. Badden adds that it seems that whatever is causing the changes in Wilderness, they assume it's not for the good for the rest of the world.

When you ask why the Demon Slayers contacted you instead of someone else, Father Konrad tells that there are various reasons for it, namely the fact that they intended to recruit you as a Demon Slayer in the first place. Gideon Bede says that you proved yourself to be a potential Demon Slayer candidate when you defeated Delrith with Silverlight. Reen notes that they were even more impressed on how you managed to kill Agrith-Naar, and Badden continues by stating that you also have worked with most of the other Saradominist organizations in the past, and those connections might become useful if the Demon Slayers need to get as many militant organizations as possible to co-operate with them.

Gideon Bede steps in with a book in his hand, and explains your first mission: He tells you that while the rules say that all candidates must complete their initial training phase before being able to join the Demon Slayers, but the potential crisis on their hands justify a speedy recruitment.

Gideon Bede continues on explaining your task: you and your tutor, Adelaide (the woman who stopped you at the trapdoor) will be going on a reconnaissance mission into the Wilderness to observe anything out of the ordinary. You can ask him what you are to expect, to which he responds to prepare for the worst, but you two are trying to avoid conflict. It is espionage, not warfare. He tells you that when you are ready to meet her at the Wilderness wall just north of the Edgeville Monastery.

Once you arrive at the Edgeville Monastery, a cutscene starts, where you note to yourself that Adelaide is nowhere to be found, and you come to the conclusion that she is probably late. The camera then rotates to show you footprints heading towards the Wilderness Wall and into the Wilderness. Seeing that for whatever reason Adelaide hasn't arrived yet, you suggest to yourself that you should follow them, presuming that the footprints were left by Adelaide. Attempting to hop over the Wilderness Wall will prompt a message to continue the quest.

(For the duration of the quest, this area is not a part of the Wilderness and therefore you are safe from the PKers, so you do not need to worry about losing your items. Should you die at the segment inside the instanced Wilderness, your grave appears, fittingly, in the Monastery.)

After you choose to continue with the quest, a cutscene ensues, showing a trail of tracks leading away from the Wilderness Wall. After the cutscene, you are standing near some footprints located north of the Monastery. Choose the 'Inspect Tracks' option for the footprints to reveal a longer trail leading deeper to the Wilderness. Similar to how you track when hunting, use your Hunter skills to follow the footsteps. Inspect the nearby bushes, trees, tree stumps, mushrooms, and bones to uncover the tracks and to follow the trail further in the Wilderness. You may encounter several dead ends and places where the trail seems to go in circles. Mind the fact that while you are in an instanced version of the Wilderness, there are still aggressive monsters that attack you near them, such as black unicorns or bears.

Continue tracking until the footprints end and a brief cutscene begins where you encounter a mysterious-looking man dressed in Zamorakian mage's outfit, who luckily is in the distance. He is wandering around and carries a bizarre magical item what looks identical to the device Movario uses to locate the Stone of Jas. He begins to walk towards your location, and you hide behind a helpful large rock. The mage is about to reach your hiding spot, but before he sees you, he stops and begins to talk to himself, as if someone is contacting him magically. He tells that he has scanned the location, and that the target had moved away from its previous position. He then tells to the person he is apparently speaking to that he will "get onto it", and that he will get a bodyguard to accompany him, before he teleports away.

Your character then exclaims that you should probably go back and get back to the Monastery to inform Adelaide (prompting you to go back and speak to her). When you return back to Monastery, Adelaide is there waiting for you, questioning about your whereabouts and why you arrived from the Wilderness. You inform her of your findings, she will be interested in the mage, telling that he might hold some information about the strange activities in the Wilderness. She asks if you could lead her back to where you first saw the mage, so they can see if he holds any connection to the mysterious occurrences in the Wilderness. She will ask if you're ready to go. If you select yes, you're off to the Wilderness...

A cutscene ensues. As you travel through the Wilderness with Adelaide and follow the footprints back to the spot where you saw the mage, you and she will strike up a conversation about the Order. Adelaide mentions that unlike most Saradominist military organizations, the Demon Slayers have managed to survive the ages without the aid of governments. When you ask why, she will explain that if they made any strong connections, they could lose their shroud of secrecy. She admits that sometimes this backfires, like when they desperately need allies due to the lack of a large military budget, no strong forces can come to your aid. You joke being insulted, asking if that's why they invited you. Adelaide tells to quiet down and hide. As you hide behind a large tree, you can see a ranger wearing dark, but not inheritably Zamorakian gear walking near you and looking around.

As the ranger begins to approach your hiding spot, the mysterious-looking mage you encountered earlier teleports a few steps away from him. The mage addresses the ranger as a mercenary, and questions him of the location of 'the meeting place'. The ranger remarks that the mage is late for their meeting, but the mage doesn't seem to really care, as he is enthusiastic of his findings. The duo walks off, heading north.

Adelaide states that the Zamorakians normally do not visit these areas in the Wilderness, and hiring mercenaries is even stranger. She thinks the mage and archer are up to something out of ordinary. She suggests that you could spy on them: after all, this is your way to prove whether you have what it takes to be a Demon Slayer.

The spying part is similar to the segment with Khnum in Stolen Hearts: you have to tail the Zamorakian archer and mage around Wilderness, while keeping your distance from the Zamorakians at all times and not getting too far from them.

It is a bit more challenging though: around the track, there are also traps and, as well as hostile monsters like black unicorns, giant rats, and grizzly bears. If you are consistently caught in traps or spend too long fighting a hostile monster (30 seconds), the Zamorakians can turn around to see what the source of the ruckus is. If you get caught, you have to start over again where Adelaide left you.

Every so often, the two Zamorakians will stop walking to talk to one another. This is largely just small talk about "a big plan." The idea is that while they talk, you have to scramble for a hiding spot. They can catch you while they're talking.

Regardless of how it happens, if you get spotted by either of the Zamorakians, you get the following message in your chatbox before the screen fades to black and the sequence starts over: "The Zamorakians have spotted you! They both head different ways. You go back to their rendezvous spot to wait for them..."

After you follow the Zamorakian pair to the Chaos Runecrafting altar, a cutscene starts. You listen from a hiding spot behind a large, sharp rock while several Zamorakian mages are talking about something. The mysterious mage you were spying on interrupts them by stating that his troops have discovered the current location of Pazuzu. The other mages become excited, and one of them starts talking how their employer will reward them after all the hard work they have done on searching for his path. The other Zamorakians mention that they will begin to prepare for their ceremony to unleash their 'new weapon.'

Once the cutscene is over, go back to Adelaide and tell her about what you saw. Adelaide starts to get worried about this 'Pazuzu' and 'new weapon', and you suggest that you and her return to the Demon Slayer HQ to report of your findings. Adelaide agrees, and at the end of the cutscene you have returned back to the Monastery. When you get back to the hideout of the Demon Slayers and report to Konrad, Badden, Reen, and the rest what you had discovered in the Wilderness with Adelaide, the Demon Slayers become worried, recognizing the name of 'Pazuzu.' When you ask who Pazuzu exactly is, Konrad states that he does not know for sure, but he vaguely remembers his name being mentioned in one of the old books the Order carries around. Gideon recounts that they used to have a book about Pazuzu, which is why it sounds familiar, but the book was taken years ago by an adventurer as a reward for helping them. You confusingly ask why any adventurer would ever accept a book with trivial lore in it as a reward for an adventure. Gideon agrees that it was a strange request, and pities that they no longer have the book on their possession. He laments that he has to now look through the rest of the books for references about Pazuzu. Gideon goes on to describe the book as a tome on powerful and notable demons written by a late scholar on demonology called Ellemar, who Father Reen mentions was the discoverer of the chaos demon Agrith-Naar.

You offer to help the Demon Slayers to recover the book, and ask about the details about this adventurer. The Demon Slayers are grateful for your enthusiasm, but tell to you that the book was taken so long ago that the few Demon Slayers who are still members from that age cannot really remember the adventurer's appearance well. Konrad does vividly remember that the adventurer was a Saradominist mage with blue-white robes and a staff that allowed him to shoot bolts of lightning against his opponents with terrifying efficiency. He mentions that they have not heard about the adventurer for years, and assumes that he has probably ended their career as an adventurer by now.

It should not be too hard to figure out that the adventurer in question is no other than Wise Old Man. In order to find the book, you have to go talk to him and ask about the book. At first he tells that he had earned the book during his career as an adventurer and that you have no right to take it. Your first defence is questioning the Old Man's protection of such trivial objects, such as his hat and books, and after his rejection you force yourself to tell him that the Order of Demon Slayers need their book back due to the information it contains about something called Pazuzu. He begrudgingly tells you that the book is upstairs. When you find the book, you will find that it is written in a different language, or a code. You come to the conclusion it would best be taken to the Demon Slayers.

Back at the headquarters, you showed the encrypted tome to Father Konrad who describes it as an old Saradominist code, which was created in order for it to be difficult for the untrained to read. He also mentions that times have changed, and he casts mumbles over the book to cast a spell on it that will make it possible to read. First however, Gideon recounts the information he found from his research from the other books; that Pazuzu is a demon listed under various intimidating titles, almost changing from book to book, such as: 'the Torch of Zamorak', 'the Bane of Lassar', 'the Despoiler of Saranthium' and 'the Lord of Hellfire'. The books list him as the lord of all fiery things and fiendkind, especially pyrefiends, and he is renowned as one of the most dangerous demons to have ever set their foot on Gielinor; although since the old tomes are known for exaggerating the strength of various demons, it cannot be said for certain if that is true. The books claim that while the eternal fire of Pandemonium burns within the hearts of all demons, for Pazuzu it burns so fiercely that he can channel it to unleash it in devastating fire attacks, allowing him to set entire cities ablaze in seconds.

When Konrad begins to read from Ellemar's book however, it reveals a much more straightforward description: Ellemar had learned from a demonologist in the Wilderness that Pazuzu was a destructive pyrefiend general who was imprisoned into the crust of Gielinor at the end of God Wars. Since then he has clawed his way from the crust of Gielinor to the center of the far Wilderness Volcano, in order to release himself once the Edicts of Guthix are destroyed. You interrupt Konrad, coming to the conclusion that now that Guthix is dead, Pazuzu can release himself to continue his warmongering and scorching the lands with his magical flames... or so you think. Konrad tells you not to interrupt him, and continues to read Ellemar's research, describing that due to his imprisonment by the Edicts and the effect of floating for over two millennia in magma, Pazuzu doesn't have control of most of his powers (or simply the ability to generate immensive amounts of heat and fire aren't useful when trying to escape from magma) and can't do anything but try to manipulate people with his demon magicks and tectonic activity to perform a magic ritual to free him. Ellemar notes that as long as the Edicts will remain no spell cast by wizards could release Pazuzu, so he will not be a threat for millennia to come. He does speculate that, hypothetically, should the Edicts of Guthix ever to fall, Pazuzu could be released easily, making him very dangerous opponent even for the combined might of the mankind.

Konrad closes the book as he finishes reading, and states that it is likely that the Zamorakians are planning to release Pazuzu in order to take down the human kingdoms and avenge the loss of their god at the Battle of Lumbridge. He proclaims that the Demon Slayers don’t have much time in their hands, and must act haste in order to stop Pazuzu before he can send the world into flames.

When you ask for more information about Pazuzu, the Demon Slayers tell a little more information about his backstory, found from journal's describing the demon under his aliases. Nothing is known about his past before the God Wars, but the first records of him date around the Battle of Lassar, when he created a firestorm which caused an avalanche that destroyed large parts of the fortress and killed hundreds of warriors fighting against Zamorakians. While he was extremely strong pyromancer, he was weak both physically and mentally, which meant he was a pushover and very unassertive, which meant that he was commanded by others to do their dirty work. Regardless, he was a high-ranking officer in Zamorak's army, which implies that Zamorak saw something in him that made a rather under qualified pyrefiend so important. Most of the references from Pazuzu were from the tales dating around the Sacred Campaign, where he led the armies of Zamorak in the modern-day Asgarnia and Misthalin multiple times before the Saradomin’s armies successfully conquered their capital, destroyed it and constructed the city of Saranthium on its place, before heading towards Morytania under the leadership of the Barrows Brothers. After his disastrous performance, he fell out of Zamorak’s favour, after which he was placed in the command of a small guerrilla squad of pyrefiends called “The Pazuzu”, and remained active in the area what is nowadays known as Asgarnia, Misthalin and Wilderness, before disappearing at the very end of the God Wars. There are multiple versions of his fate: some say a hero priest named Constantius killed him, others say the earth swallowed him when he burned down a sacred grove of Guthix, some say he was killed by Guthix or Saradomin themselves, while some say the Edicts of Guthix tore him from Gielinor and banished him to another dimension, and a couple of notes mention that a ravine opened underneath and his minions in a battle and they fell into the core of Gielinor before the ravine closed down as fast as it opened.

“Said to have spawned from the hellfire of Pandemonium itself, Pazuzu was renowned for his signature execution method of impaling his opponents with his claws: if the poor victim had not rapidly bled to death from injuries caused by the barbed spikes, Pazuzu let them to be painfully and unceremoniously charred to death by igniting them by channeling some of his fire magic into his claws, ending the victim's lives swiftly and leaving nothing but a burnt skeleton. Stories tell that the flames Pazuzu used to scorch his victims were so hot that even their souls were evaporated, denying the victims from any sort of afterlife.“

(This last article shocks the Saradominists into disbelief, denying such a thing could happen.)

After your series of questions, the Order begins to propose theories on how to prevent the return of Pazuzu. Some offer asking Saradomin for help, others suggest petitioning aid from the other Gods, in hope that if things go sour they can blame another faction, but Konrad silences the suggestions by saying the thing nobody else wanted to confirm: they don't know how to stop Pazuzu at all. The room as a whole turns their attention to the most experienced member of the group: you.

Father Konrad gives you the task to find knowledge of how to kill Pazuzu from the grave of a strong 3rd Age Saradominist general and Demon Slayer Brother Constantius, the last leader of the demon slayers during the Third Age. Problem is that no-one in Gielinor knows where he is buried!

Gideon points out that Constantius was active around ancient region of Forinthry, but he started out as a priest in Saranthium, so he suggests you looking the almanacs of the city for any information. When you point out that all remaining from the city are ruins excavated by archaeologists, Gideon confirms this fact and suggests you contacting the Temple Knights, because the Temple Knights probably transferred most, if not all of the documents from their former base in Saranthium to their current base somewhere in Asgarnia.

After you travel back to Falador and talk to Sir Tiffy Cashien about the lost almanacs of Saranthium, he gives you the permissions to read the tomes, but since you still aren't qualified enough to know the place of Temple Knight Headquarters, he will escort you to the Temple Knight Archives (unarmoured with no items in your inventory, of course). Once you and Sir Tiffy get to the library, Sir Tiffy will guide you to Savant, real name Elyssa van Lendes, the Senior Mystical Researcher and chief librarian for Temple Knights. After a chat, she will guide you to the oldest section of the archives, and tells you where to look the books for. However, Savant points out that most of the files from Saranthium during the Third Age were burned when Zamorakians managed to wrestle the city momentarily under their command during the God Wars, and that even more information from the Third Age was lost during a library fire, and warns that the information is very scarce, and you may not find what you were looking. Once you find the tomes, read them.

The books and parchments will explain to you information about Saranthium during the God Wars: Saranthium wasn't completely finished when the Zamorakian city of Senntisten was destroyed and there were still few remains from Senntisten around. Despite this, the city was very beautiful and similar to modern-day Falador, and was one of the few places on Gielinor where things were at least somewhat peaceful and people could live as normal life as people could in the middle of the God Wars. The Saranthians were quite smug, nationalistic and fanatically Saradoministic people and bragged that Zamorakians of Morytania would never dare attack them, and would be easily defeated if they tried to.

Things quickly changed for the Saranthians, and from hindsight their hubris was merely their self-centered pride before the fall. Zamorakian forces started to gather in Hallowvalian side of the Lake Salve, building boats and warships, as if they were preparing for an invasion. The city leaders had taken this into action and made orders to increase the defences on the docks and the western part of the city. However, when most of the city's defensive forces were concentrated to the eastern section of the town, leaving the western area controlled by Saradominists vulnerable, the city was infiltrated by a small Zamorakian guerrilla group from the western side, consisting of pyrefiends and the leader and namesake of the organization, Pazuzu. With their fire-based powers, the Pazuzu set the city in flames in seconds, causing hysteria and panic amongst Saranthian militia and citizens, making it easy for Zamorakian navy to land to the city and take out the rest of the Saradominist armed forces.

The Temple Knight report from the incident reveals that the Temple Knights, whose head-quarters were at the time stationed in Saranthium, evacuated the city and took what information they could while it was burning, which explains the scarcity of any information about Saranthium and its past. Almost all armed forces of Saranthium were wiped out with attack, and the remaining soldiers and guardsmen were scattered, unorganized and constantly hunted down by Zamorakians like wild game. Plenty of civilians escaped the ensuing battle to the east, but just as many were killed either by the flames or the Zamorakian army: the Temple Knights estimated that almost half of the city’s overall population was killed during the attack, and out of the remaining half, most were evacuated to the western woodlands and had formed some refugee camps, while a handful of citizens trapped in the city struggled to live in the burned ruins and among the Zamorakian invaders. Temple Knights suffered terrible damages as well, including the death of their leader who was burned at the stake by Zamorakians, however many higher ranking partisans survived, as well as a good amount of the lower ranking Knights. Surviving Temple Knights contacted the leaders of Saradomin's armies, and from the available resources, a liberation forces were formed in order to recapture the city. A note amongst the books mentions that a few the Temple Knight proselytes accompanied by a priest called Constantius survived from the battle and report shows that they fought Pazuzu himself, at least for a moment before they had to flee from the city. The proselytes died later at the refugee camps from the horrible burns they received fighting the powerful pyrefiend, leaving Constantius as the only survivor from the encounter, but for some reason he vanished after he had brought the wounded Temple Knights to the camp. However, the book doesn't tell where he ventured from there.

Since the sources from Saranthium do not tell anything useful about Constantius' grave so far, you have to ask Savant for more information about Constantius. Savant tells you that the library has no more information about Constantius: she’d have told you about it rather than have you to search for it through the entire library. The Archives haven't given a single hint about the whereabouts of the Constantius' resting place. Savant suggests that you should seek out more information at the Holy Abby of St. Elspeth, where the nuns are bound to keep records on important Saradominists in one of their old libraries.

As you travel to the Abbey, there is a nun waiting for you at the center of the Abbey. She introduces herself as Sire, the librarian of the Abbey of St. Elspeth Citharede. She tells you that she was contacted by one of the higher-ranking Temple Knights to search for information about Saint Constantius' burial place in order to speed your research up, as they have no time to lose. She tells you that she after a lot of work she managed to find the information, but you need to meet her at Al Kharid Gate, and then follow her to a meeting place in the city: she doesn't deem the Abbey safe enough after all the murders that have happened, and has brought the books with her to the meeting place, as the books are only allowed to be read by the members of the Abbey and she's afraid that Abbess Benita would expel her from the Abbey if she is caught revealing the information of the books. She also tells that you should leave the Commorb behind: she hints that she has received some of the information about Constantius' grave's whereabouts through shady contacts or illegal methods, and she does not want to get in trouble with the Temple Knights.

As you meet Sire at the east gate of Al Kharid and follow her to an upper story of a building in Al Kharid she claims to belong to a friend of her, a cutscene starts: as you step up the ladder, the place is filled with Chaos Monks and Chaos Druids, and Sire is revealed to truly be a Chaos Druid. Ikadia will be there if you didn't kill her in Birthright of the Dwarves, and most of the other druids there will be runner-ups from the artwork competition (if those are still usable).

Sire states that she and the others do not intend to do anything hasty, and is here with other important chaos druids and chaos monks just to negotiate with you, as “we both need each others' help to achieve our goals”: you need the chaos druids' books to locate Constantius' grave, and chaos druids needs you to free Zebub, an extremely powerful Zamorakian demon general from his prison under Entrana.

You can also ask Sire how she was contacted by a higher-ranking Temple Knight if she was a Zamorakian. She will tell you that she wasn't, but rather she needed the help of one that held a connection, yet no certain loyalties or strong ties to the Temple Knights. If you fought with Zamorak during the Battle of Lumbridge, Sire will explain that she thought of you as an ally already. If you sided with Saradomin or did not fight in the Battle, Sire will tell you that she hopes she made her choice wisely. If you have done The Void Stares Back, Sire refers to your actions during the quest as the reason to trust you, explaining that since you seem to switch sides on a whim and hold allegiance to no-one, you are the most reliable person to ask for help at this point.

According to Sire, she has researched the history books, and the anti-Zamorakian sentiment in the world is a relatively new trend. At the beginning of the Fifth Age, Zamorakians were treated as equals to Saradominists. They were considered to be very successful people and were recorded to live in harmony alongside other religious groups, but because of the actions of a few bad apples, namely how "that vile Perien" burned down the Wizards' Tower, even the secular Zamorakians are viewed negatively and treated as evildoers, forcing his legitimate followers into hiding or to abandon their religion, leaving only the most fanatic followers as the ones who are exposed to the Saradominist masses, which only feeds the vicious cycle of hatred, and will lead to the end of the Zamorakian ideology if nothing is done about it.

Sire's life goal is to change the image of Zamorakians as a group of malevolent cultists who commit evil deeds for the sake of it, which is very important now that Zamorak lost the Battle of Lumbridge and is wounded, and thus he needs all the sympathy and support from the masses he can get. She states that Zamorakians need to be put under control of a strong leader, and a Tsutsaroth demon known as Zebub is the right one for this task: He is just, polite, merciful, seemingly friendly by demon standards, has never killed anyone unless they deserved it (and even those times can be counted with one hand), follows a strict moral code and, was respected by many for being capable of keeping the bad apples in check. Sire also states that if you do not help them, they are not going to help you and will burn the books, so ultimately, you have to help them. Sire informs you that she has already sent some chaos druids to the Entrana Dungeon, and they will assist you with your task once you get there.

When you arrive to the entrance of Entrana Dungeon, the monk who guards the dungeon warns you to not enter, as strange Zamorakian activity has been noticed there. You note that you were sent here because of the activity he mentioned, and he allows you to pass. You can ask him about the ruins around the entrance to the dungeon, and he explains that they are the ruins of the original monastery of Entrana that was allegedly destroyed during the God Wars. He explains that the area hasn't been tried to be repaired because of the undead and the demons living in the old basement of the monastery.

As you descend to the dungeon, you notice that zombies and demons are commanded by chaos druids to clear a cave-in from the door that is the entrance to Zebub's prison. (Entrana Dungeon is graphically updated, so it no longer looks like a cave system, but has somewhat similar style to Saradominist Crypt from Death of Chivalry, Daemonheim Dungeons and the Monastery of Ascension.) The chaos druids explain that the dungeon used to be an underground part of the old monastery of Entrana that was destroyed when a necromancer by the name of Incommodo infiltrated to Entrana and tried to free Zebub, but the only thing he managed to do was to destroy the old monastery of Entrana. The chaos druids have access to your bank, allowing you to get yourself everything you might need for combat. Once you are ready, enter the door.

The first area of the dungeon is the underground section of the 'Old Entrana' church/monastery. The area is almost completely in ruins and has plenty of cave-ins. It is also infested with zombie warriors and demons from the previous assault tried by Incommodo. You have to navigate through the basement of the monastery to find the entrance to the second area of the dungeon. Unsurprisingly, these guardians are still aggressive and will try to stop you. This area is much like a Guardian door room with a skill door within Daemonheim. You are required to kill all the zombies (four of them, using ranged) and the demons (two lessers and one black, using magic) before advancing. The door is barred, and you use Thieving to pick the lock. Before you enter, you are given a warning that from this point on in the quest you will be facing constant danger. As you open the door, you will find that behind the lock is a book jammed into the door. You pick it up, and find that it is understandably damaged. There are only two pages intact, reading:

"The journal of Incommodo."

And page two:

"Day one: Today Zamorak has charged me with a difficult task, one that he said could change the war. His admission to me was nothing that was not already known in the empire he built: He was losing his numbers. Saradomin’s promise of peace had seemed more and more appealing to the citizens who grew distrustworthy of chaos. Lord Zamorak told me this tool could change all that." You remark to yourself that this journal could provide more information as you go, and will likely get you steps closer to finding Zebub. (This is the first checkpoint. Should you die or teleport out, you will be taken back to this spot.)

This next room is much, much more organized. You are given a brief cutscene of an overview of the large room. It is patrolled by a series of automatic soldiers called "Spiritual Guardians" looking identical to the Spiritual Warriors from the God Wars Dungeon. The Guardians are like robots, they have no sentience and are "programmed" to guard the area.

At the foot of the door there is another piece of paper on the ground. Picking it up will automatically enter it in Incommodo's Journal. It reads:

"Day two: The smuggler told me it was difficult to get me and my supplies to the island. I know he was lying and expecting more pay, all I had to do was wear a Saradominist's cloak to cover my eyes and mark my crates with stars. The portsguard waved me away as another devotee, and I made my way through the island. It was not long before I found the tunnel."

At the far end of this roughly-square room is another door. The Guardians walk in horizontal lines across the room. When you walk past one of their "lines", and if you are not at their back, they will attack you. The Guardians are level 80 melee-using foes, and with only 2,000 LP (200 in Legacy) they are not at all difficult to defeat. But there's a twist. Guardians are automatic soldiers sent to patrol for eternity: Guardians throughout this section of the quest respawn after 60 seconds. Kill the Guardians, or avoid the Guardians, the choice is yours, but for when you get to the door at the other side of the room, there is another book page dropped on the floor, reading:

"Day three: I knew to expect resistence, but in such numbers? The Necromancer General told me for this task I would need these bone seeds for defence, but I am already half way through my stores. Worse so, it seems these immortal guardians come in various strengths. Perhaps stealth would be in my best interest here... my warriors can only endure so much... I don't understand, I should be able to raise them after their repeated death. What is in this tunnel?"

The book page implies that Incommodo discovered that the Guardians are indeed "on loop" and that engaging them is largely fruitless. It's a hint to use stealth. From this point on in the caverns you will be doing stealth-based dodging of the automated Guardians. This is very much like Kennith's Concerns' under-Witchaven puzzles. There are three rooms you will need to pass through, and being caught by a Guardian will reject you back to the very first room you encountered, thus making this a very difficult and somewhat frustrating puzzle. There are hiding spots around and about that you can stand behind to make your character do a squatting motion that will not detect any Guardians. Once you're past the third of the three stealth rooms, you are put into a cutscene.

The cutscene starts with you walking into a completely dark and unlit room. Slowly the room illuminates by the glow of a dozen Spiritual Rangers (similar to the ones in Saradomin's Encampment at the God Wars Dungeon) and one very impressive looking Spiritual Guardian, wearing heavy Templar Armor, but with inverted colors (yellow with a blue trim), and a more detailed face under his blue ghostly hood. He is called the "Grand Warden." He speaks to you, mentioning that you are in the wrong place, and he is surprised you had made it so far. He asks you to put down your arms and face surrender. There are options to try to attack, which reacts with the Spiritual Rangers pointing their bows at you. You are taken to a cell.

This is the second checkpoint. Should you leave the area or be sent back to a starting point, you will be picked up here. The cell is one room among a dozen other cells each with a skeleton lying in it. Each cell has a "double door" holding the "prisoner" in. The first door is a regular metal door, holding you in with some efficiency. Beyond that door is a glowing blue shield holding you in. Within this cell there is a skeleton lying beside you in tattered, but highly ornamental, robes. You can search this body to find two useful items: a grey pot with a lid on it, and another book page.

"Day five: These blasted guardians got the best of me! This is the third time I have been sent into the same cell. The escape route before was quite easy: I was able to pick the lock after some trial and error, and after waiting for the patrol to leave the area I could make my escape. If I needed to hide, I could take a spot in another cell. The guardians do not seem to see the difference between my face and that of a skeleton's. The magical door on the other hand, was a much more difficult..."

If you search the pot, you find it has a very small pile of white stones.

Now for your prison escape. The metal door you need to pick the lock on, which can take upwards 15 seconds to succeed. The next issue is this magical door in front of you. If you choose to try and press solid force against it, you'll find that your hand will get stuck in it. Only with strength can you pull your hand away from it. You discover that things get "stuck" in the door. Now you need to force the door open. Use your Grey Pot item (which you looted off Incommodo's corpse) on the magical door. You will pull out one of the small white stones and place it in the magical field. After a few seconds, there is a puff of smoke and the white stone has become a skeleton warrior. It instantly falls to the ground and dies, but the magical shield is no more! You are free to walk down the hall. After some walking past cells, there is a corner you can turn with another automated Guardian. It has a long walk down another hall, and you will need to get to the other side of the hall. You have two options to deal with the Guardian: you can either hide in a cell (the magical doors are one-way, so you can pass through it with ease on the way in, and the metal door can be opened just as easily), or you can use your Grey Pot on the Guardian, but that risks getting very close to the patrolling guard. If you manage to do this, a skeleton warrior will spawn and fight the Guardian, thus permanently distracting the guard. You may now pass it as many times as you like. You can follow the path of the cells down the hall, distracting or hiding from the Guardians as you please, and you will eventually get to a room at the end of the hall. There you will meet, once again, the Grand Warden and his Rangers. You are put back at your last checkpoint, the cell. You need a way to outnumber the Warden's guards.

Now as you backtrack through the cell block you need to willingly go into certain cells with corpses in them. Every five or so corpses will have another pile of white stones (bone seeds) and one more of Incommodo's pages.

"Day... Curses. Have I forgotten how many days I've been down here? I am right around the corner from the tool, which Zamorak himself has not told me what I'm looking for, and I am running out of supplies. I ran out of food days ago, and now I am using various spells for nourishment. Much worse, my seed supplies are running dry. I tried to give handfuls to my minions so that they can start a riot, but I have learned the hard way that the undead cannot in turn raise more dead. I need to get around the Warden, but I just don't have enough seeds! I will not let this place be my grave. I have prepared..."

After you have looted enough bone seeds to the point your "Grey Pot" item changes to a pot with what looks like its lid falling off and renamed "Bone Seeds" you can encounter the Grand Warden again, this time with a chance of victory. Enter the Warden's room with him and his archers and this time when he tries to imprison you, you have the option to open your pot of seeds. A dozen skeleton warriors appear, and attack the Grand Warden's archers. The Grand Warden scrambles to attack you, but you run to the far end of the room before he can attack you. There you automatically open a door, revealing to you a new room.... This is the third checkpoint. The room is empty, save for one major detail: Zebub. At the far end of the room there is the Tsutsaroth demon hanging, shackled, against a wall with a stream of water (its holy water) running in front of him. As you walk across the room, you will be shot by a dart from one of the walls to the side, knocking you back to the beginning of the room with some minor damage. You need to find this dart launcher. At some place, on either the left or the right wall, there is a dart-launcher that is invisible. Every meter/square of the wall has a "search" option to try and find the dart launcher. You need to tread very carefully, searching one square at a time. While searching the square, you will walk right in front of the wall spot, and if the dart launcher is on the other side of the room's wall, you will be hit with a dart. Furthermore, if you find the dart launcher but fail to disarm it, you will be shot with the dart. There is one dart launcher on each side of the room, with a different location for different players (but you will never have each dart launcher on exact opposite points of the room, which would make it impossible to solve the puzzle). The dart launcher on the left side of the room will break as you try to disarm it, but you do salvage the darts. The launcher on the right side of the room will be salvaged entirely, but with no darts with it. You can use the two items on each other, to create a "Salvaged Dart Launcher." Now you can safely cross the room, and when you're at the water stream, you can choose to "inspect" it. Inspecting it causes you to deduce that it is indeed Holy Water like the Salve River, and it is restricting Zebub from acting. You'll then be given the choice to leap over the stream, and you are to use your Salvaged Dart Launcher on Zebub. A cutscene will start.

You stand beside Zebub, and shoot two darts at his shackles. The demon will fall from his prison, and lie before you, kneeling, recovering. You offer him a hand, and his demonic head looks at you confused. Suddenly, an arrow is shot into his shoulder. He reaches over in pain, and you turn your head to see the Grand Warden holding a bow. You heroically leap back over the Holy Water, and draw your weapon while at the Grand Warden. This is the fourth and final checkpoint. It is advised you go to your bank and get some supplies!

The Grand Warden is your first major boss in Secrets Best Left Forgotten. He is a scaled boss, being variously difficult for each player, depending on their own level. He will occasionally switch combat forms, in order to fight against your praying. He will predominantly use melee, but if you pray against it, he will pull out a bow to deal with you. Every now and then, he will use an enhanced Kick ability against you, knocking you back about three squares, and stunning you. He will point at you while a spell is launched at your location. If the spell hits you, you are dealt 20% of your total health. While this is a fairly easy mechanic, when the Grand Warden reaches 66% health, he will start to use the Binding Shot ability after he Kicks you, stunning you in place while the spell inches toward you. You can use the Freedom ability to counter this, but with good timing the spell will not yet reach you before the stun ends, so you have a split second to run away. At 33% health, the Grand Warden uses a "double Binding Shot" before his magical Area of Effect attack, locking you in place for a much longer time, forcing you to use the Freedom ability to escape. The spell will also become more powerful, dealing 40% of your maximum health. When he reaches 5% of his health remaining, he will build a magical shield around himself. He will yell (with yellow text, of course) that he won't let you escape his prison, and will spend five seconds channeling a spell. He is immune to all damage while shielded, and when his five-second-charge-spell is complete, he will deal 40% of your maximum health damage to you (you can not run away from this attack) and he will begin to charge another of the same attack. By using Protect from Magic, Deflect Magic, or any shield-using ability, you can reflect the spell back at him, removing his shield, and knocking him down onto one knee, defeating him, and ending the battle.

A cutscene starts. You point your weapon at the dying Grand Warden, and before you can strike Zebub, with his strength regained, yells at you to not kill him. You question him, telling him that he would only come back like all the other Guardians anyway; Zebub explains to you that he would not as he is a sentient being, and he forfeited his chance at an afterlife when he accepted the position as a spiritual guardian. He discourages you from killing him as "he was only doing his job." You are given the conversation choice of killing the Grand Warden or not. If you do, he will fall over and die, if you choose to lower your weapon, he thanks you and falls on his face, unconscious. Regardless of your choice, the door you came through is opened by a Spiritual Guardian, who is quickly defeated by two skeleton warriors who enter the room, carry away the unconscious/dead Grand Warden, and deal with him. Zebub remarks to you that you and he should leave before things get worse, and you nod as he teleports you away.

You arrive at the Ruins of Uzer. There, the Chaos Druids led by Sire have already set up camp. Sire is at first astonished that Zebub is in her presence, and she politely bows to the Tsutsaroth demon to which Zebub responds by reforming himself into a smaller, Mazchna-like humanoid form. The two talk about their goal of reforming Zamorakianism, and you interrupt to mention the books Sire promised. She states she has the information you need, and says she is keeping them under the ruins. Sire tells Zebub that they will discuss their plans later, and prompts you to meet with her downstairs when you are done with talking with Zebub. You are now given the choice if you want to ask about Zebub's story, or just move on with the quest and speak with Sire. If you choose the much more interesting option of talking with Zebub, he will tell his long life story.

Zebub tells that he began his life as a lowly slave in the demon home realm of Infernus, but his intelligence, impressive tactical prowess and the ability to gather his fellow Avernic demons to his cause and to rally them to do almost anything allowed him to advance in the Chthonian army's hierarchy as high as an Avernic could've got: a Tribune. Needless to say, he was a Tribune among the twelve legions of demons Hostilius the Autocrat gave to the Empty Lord to use in order to conquer Gielinor.

On Gielinor, Zebub hoped that due to the absence of byrocratic Chthonians who hindered his talents, he would begin to rise in the hierarchy of the Zarosian army on the basis that he was regarded as the most tactful and controlled amongst the Tsutsaroth Tribunes, dreaming that one day he could become a Legatus. He was wrong. The twelve Chthonian dukes Zaros had taken with him still held all power, and Avernic were underlings to them. The Chthonian Dukes were eager to remind him of his position: regardless of his achievements and how powerful he had become, for Chthonians he was nothing but an exceptionally capable Avernic slave among other Avernic slaves, and while they admitted that out of the Avernic slaves, he was regarded as the most tactful and controlled, he could be replaced by another Avernic if needed, and that he would have no chance of advancing anywhere in his military career.

In fact, as Zebub grew to become a mighty and powerful warrior after the events of Onkhara, the dukes prevented him from advancing any further by devicing a plan: Zebub and his squad of demons were sent to a suicide mission for no particular reason, but Zebub learned of this only after he had returned as the sole survivor, when the Dukes claimed that since they had assumed Zebub to be dead due to his long absence, his unit was abolished and what remained of it were to be merged with the rest of the army, sending Zebub back to square one.

The suicide mission was the last straw for Zebub. While he was strong and survived, and grew even more lethal, he never forgot how he was betrayed by the dukes, who had stripped him of his rank, his forces, and his namesake. Zebub had already resented being owned by the Chthonians, but the suicide mission made him downright loathe them, and wanted to be free from their influence. This was when Zamorak entered his life: while Zamorak was back then merely a Mahjarrat legatus, he had been growing in power and influence, so he offered Zebub a deal: he would give him the one thing that the Twelve Dukes had never delivered, in exchange for Zebub to become his personal Tribune. Zebub agreed, and Zamorak took Zebub under his wing and made him his Tribune.

This is when he got to know Zamorak better and learned more about him and his ideology, and after a while Zamorak approached Zebub and offered him a deal: if he agreed to fight with Zamorak in a revolution against the Empty Lord, Zamorak will help him to liberate the Avernic from slavery and vengeance his treatment by the Chthonians. Zebub knew well he had a reputation for making promises that the Empty Lord could not hear, but he was reluctant to side with him: if he would fail, it would be a death sentance for Zebub. However, while other Avernic were not so easily swayed to his cause, Zebub agreed, since at this point, he had nothing to lose. However, as he got to know Zamorak better and learned more about him and his ideology, his motives shifted: not only did he fight for his race's freedom, but for Zamorak's philosophy of Chaos. He had become a loyal tribune of him: not yes-man type of loyalty or blind obedience, though, a healthy loyalty with no religious zealotry. Zebub reminds you that he is loyal to Zamorak alone, not to his cult or the rest of his generals.

Infused with new divine power as a result of his duel with the Empty Lord, Zamorak was brought to Infernus by several Tsutsaroth, Zebub among them, to fulfill his promise of freeing the Avernic from the shackles of their Chthonian overlords. Zebub states that he had sensed that the rebellion was just about to ignite, regardless of Zamorak's betrayal, and if it were not for Zamorak, things would've likely turned out badly for Gielinor's Avernic. Zebub claims while he and Thammaron were not the only demons who had steadily gained a rebellious spirit of their own during Zaros' reign on Gielinor, they were the only ones with the the wit and imagination to actively fight for the rebellion.

Zebub claims that thanks to the events that took place back then, Avernic had the momentum to become free from the slavery of the Chthonians and become the lords of their own lives, which killed any doubs he had about an Avernic uprising and convinced him that he wanted to liberate the Avernic demons from their slavery and bring down the Chthonians, encouraging his fellow Avernic demons on Infernus to side with his master's cause. Indeed, during the Avernic liberation war, he was responsible of rallying thousands of Avernic slaves to fight against their Chthonian masters. He singlehandedly led a vast army of Avernic demons, fiends and hellhounds against the Chthonian armed forces inhabiting the Chthonian cities and fortresses, and was able to rally his demons to continue in the rebellion after various agonising defeats at the hands of the Chthonians. Zebub boasts that he was responsible of decimating a total of eight Chthonian legions.

Eventually, the Zamorakian forces succesfully took over Infernus in 19 years and banished what was remaining of the Chthonians into the Abyss. Though he did not always appreciate the often brutal methods used by his fellow commanders and were a cause of concern for him, he reluctantly allowed them to remain on power, as they were capable of fending off the Zamorakians' many enemies. However, he was due to various reasons at odds with the other Legati of Zamorak, especially with K'ril Tsutsaroth, who replaced Thammaron after he had died during the invasion of Uzer.

After he had proudly aided in Zamorak's rebellion to secure the freedom of his people and returned to Gielinor alongside the rest of Zamorak's Avernic army, Zebub started ranking up in the hierarchy of the Zamorakian army, and honed his skills of strategy and combat, becoming a Legatus himself, and achieving his goal. His strict code of honor extended to the Tribunes he ruled over, which would have leaded him to keeping his underlings in check, making him an excellent Legatus. He did not always appreciate the methods used by his fellow commanders, however, and was due to this reason at odds with them, especially with K'ril Tsutsaroth, who replaced Thammaron after he had died during the invasion of Uzer.

By the time Zamorak had returned to Gielinor and had conquered a sizable territory for himself, he had become a master of strategy and was known and feared for his tactical prowess and was widely regarded as the best strategist among Zamorak' legati, which alongside his impressive physical strength and intelligence made him a valuable asset to Zamorak during the God Wars. In fact, at one point of the God Wars, the Zamorakians had almost successed in capturing the entire area that once formed the Zarosian Empire, partially thanks to Zebub: Zamorakian legions under his leadership had conquered the entire modern-day Misthalin and Asgarnia from other gods after they had conquered them from Zaros. Zebub, however, was an intelligent and cunning leader. Whereas K'ril Tsutsaroth would've prefered to kill a powerful opponent himself, Zebub used his wits and the enviroment to his benefit in order to make sure the opponent had been driven to a point where they had no chance of surviving without making the opponent to realize that.

Zebub tells that his downfall was that in his hubris, he attempted to take over the Temple of Entrana, a small, uninhabited stone temple and a minor pilgrimage destination, as the last Saradomist warriors had retreated into the island of Entrana when the rest of their armies were decimated, and while he actually succeeded in it, Saradomin's last minute retribution wasn't pretty. Zebub is hesitant on telling what exactly happeded during the battle, but states that due to the unexpected happening, he wound up defeated in battle and imprisoned, the Zamorakian army was decimated, and any survivors who could not get away from the island in time were imprisoned. While Zebub was among the strongest mortals to have ever existed, he wasn’t anywhere nearly strong enough to defeat Saradomin's army, but likewise Saradomin wasn’t capable of defeating the overly-prepared Zebub. However, Zebub hadn’t taken to notion that Saradomin might call for reinforcements in the form of Bandos’ armies, which he did. As Zamorakians are slaughtered left and right, Zebub offers himself as a prisoner for Saradomin if Zamorakians are allowed to retreat and regroup without being attacked. Saradomin agrees with Zebub’s offer. With Zebub and other high-ranking commanders captured and most of the Zamorakian army destroyed, Saradomin imprisoned him under Entrana to use him as an unwilling advisor to defeat the rest of the Zamorakian army.

And so at the end of his story, Zebub thanks you for your aid once again, and suggests you report to Sire under the Ruins of Uzer. The demon teleports away.

After you get back to Sire, she will give a scroll about Constantius. You of course, question what happened to the rest of the books. She admits that she wasn’t completely honest with you, they only have this single document: they tried to find more, but they could not. They lied to you in hopes you would help them. The scroll is a documentation of the Battle of Saranthium from a Zamorakian point of view: the Zamorakians made their assault to the city of Saranthium in order to reconquer their destroyed capital of Senntisten and begin to rebuild it after Saradominists had mostly destroyed the old buildings and replaced them with the newer, blatantly Saradominist ones.

The Zamorakian document reveals that while the invasion of Saranthium was a success, there turned out to be a nasty resistance force left to the city, consisting of the remaining members of the city militia and normal civilians motivated to fight for their city, who were led by no other than Constantius. He had taken arms, and seeked to fight off the Zamorakians that had apparently killed his fiancé and family in the fires the Pazuzu had created. The document mentions that despite their best efforts to weed out the resistance group by sending countless of human, Avernic, vampyre and werewolf soldiers, hellhounds and even ripper demons to hunt for them down like wild game, the resistance group stayed strong and prevented Zamorakians from completely taking over the city and to prepare for the attack of the Saradominist liberation forces.

In a matter of days, the Saradominist army came to retake the city from the Zamorakians, who were left crippled by the Saranthians' guerilla warfare. According to the document, in the final battle Constantius fought like there was no tomorrow for him, killing Zamorakian combatants left and right, even the ones who surrendered when they saw Saradomin’s army approaching from the east. It mentions that after the remaining Zamorakian survivors, including Pazuzu, had escaped from the city to Morytania with the boats they used to conquer the city, Constantius announced that he would never again let the Zamorakians gain a foot hold into the land that rightfully belong to Saradomin, and that he would hold the line until his very end.

After you finish reading the scroll, you point out at Sire that at first glance it contains no useful information. Sire tells you that the answer is hidden deeper in the scroll, after which she returns your Commorb. Then she, and the other Chaos Druids and Chaos Monks, teleport away to prepare for the release of Pazuzu.

After the Zamorakians teleport away, you can contact Savant once more. She asks you where you have been for the whole time, to which you explain that you had done some researching and may know where to find Constantius.

In order to understand where Constantius is buried, one must look at his promise. He swears that he will never let the Zamorakians get into Saradomin’s land: ever. As a result, one should look for the border between Zamorakian and Saradominist lands: The River Salve. The actual tomb is south of the Divination colony between the Duel Arena and Morytania. At this wisp colony there is a large rock that seems to be covering a hole. Using a spade (toolbelt is okay), you flip over the rock to expose the hole you can jump down to a room that looks vaguely like the Tomb of the Fallen seen in Death of Chivalry. This is the resting place of Constantius and the ancient Demon Slayers.

But this is not quite a “crypt” per se. The coffins each have a transparent glass cover and are filled with strange liquid. Each coffin has a body that seems like it is still alive. A preserved tome found in the crypt tells that when the war ended and Pazuzu was banished, Constantius decided that he couldn't continue his crusade against Zamorakian threat and Pazuzu without special arrangements. Since he knows that he or any of the Third Age Demon Slayers would not live to see Pazuzu return back to the surface, they decided that they would have to wait. He and his few selected members of the Demon Slayers created a crypt, where they would perform a ritual suicide, while the rest would stay behind and keep the organization alive. The ritual suicide allowed their corpses to be preserved in the liquid coffins and maintained the connection between the body and the soul, making it extremely easy to bring them back to life once Pazuzu is back. Basically, the crypt is a one-way time machine.

However, the tome notes that while the body of Constantius is well preserved and a suitable necromancy spell or the legendary 'Horn of the Lifegiver' would allow him and the other Demon Slayers to come back to life, there is one problem. The liquid that is used to preserve him has soaked to him, and if he'd be revived in this state, he wouldn't live very long or come back as an undead. The tome doesn't say what you need to do to drain the liquid from Constantius' corpse, as the writing on the page that details it has worn away. As you begin to search the coffins for clues, you come across a reference to a bizarre location that you haven't heard of. You begin to think to yourself that Savant might know something about it.

As you travel to Falador and tell what you know so far to Sir Tiffy, he is very pleased about your findings and will inform other Saradominist factions about this shortly, but when he asks about how you find them, you have an option to tell the truth and inform him about the fact you were helped by Zamorakians in the exchange of you freeing Zebub, or 'tell the abridged truth' and claim that you discovered the information from the books at Citharede Abbey books. (Either way, Sir Tiffy will eventually discover the truth during the quest but understands the reasons behind it and doesn't hate you for what you did. In fact, he is even pleased that Zebub is free, so he can keep the more radical Zamorakians at bay)

As you talk to Savant about your discovery, she tells that the name refers to an abandoned fortress located on a frigid, windy sea-side plateau, north of Trollweiss and west from the entrance of Mahjarrat Ritual Site Caverns used during the Ritual of the Mahjarrat and Ghorrock. Savant tells you also that the history of the fortress is a bit of a mystery, but what is known is that the fortress was made by the members of a long dead race that used to have similar fortresses across Gielinor, based on the similarity of the architecture of the various ruins and the one intact fortress. She tells that the race could've likely the ones who created the coffins in the first place, and thus were only ones that knew how to cleanse the body from the liquid. Since the builders of the fortress are long gone, she recommends you to go there to find some clues about the coffins and how they work.

As you travel to the fortress via the canoe to the Mahjarrat Ritual Site Cavern at the west of the Rellekka Hunter Area, and then walk west through a new pathway that goes westwards, you will reach the coastal plateau, you will discover that the main entrance to the fortress is blocked by snow and ice, so you need to break in another way. In order to access the interior of the fortress, you have to run through the fortress for an entrance in a similar fashion to Temple at Senntisten, running, scaling up and climbing down the outer walls. When you do wind up finding an entrance to the fortress through a small opening on the wall you can just barely squeeze past, you venture down into the building, and the quest continues.

Once you get inside the fortress, it appears to be completely devoid of any items that could be remotely useful for your investigation, except for a strange plinth at the center of the bottom floor. In order to activate the plinth, you need complete puzzles that involve you collecting keystone fragments that are around the fortress.

There are three rooms arround this room, each with a different color carpet leading into them. The east room has a blue carpet leading into it, the west room has a red carpet leading into it, and the south room has a yellow carpet leading into it. Each has a different puzzle. The blue/east room has a single golem standing in the center of the room with what looks like a blue keystone on its head. You can attempt to fight it, but you will do no damage whatsoever. It in turn does not do any damage with ranged attacks. You will recieve a message stating that the golem is ancient and fragile, and seems it would fall apart if any more force is applied to it or exerted from it. To "defeat" it you are to stand a few steps away from it, use the Provoke ability (24 defence) to make it charge at you, then use a stun on it. The rapid force will make it fall apart, dropping the blue keystone. The blue keystone is in the shape of a triangle.

The red/west room has another plinth at the center of the room, with a red keystone sitting on it. In each corner of the room there is another plinth with a switch on it. When you try to reach this red keystone you will get a small zap to prevent you from picking it up. In each of the corner-plinths have a different color "switch" on them: a green switch, a yellow switch, an orange switch, and a red switch. You must click each of them in that order, else the puzzle will fail (you will not know it was a failure until the end, giving a bit of trial-and-error here). The order listed above is in reverse ROYGBIV rainbow order, so there is a pattern to it! And it of course, ends on red. You can then pick up the red keystone. The red keystone is in the shape of a triangle as well.

The yellow/south room has a much different puzzle. There is a pile of keystones all over the floor, of various different shapes. The objective is to try and find the right one (a yellow triangle). There is no indication you have taken the wrong keystone, except when you try to use the yellow keystone. This is meant to solely confuse and frustrate players. If a player had obtained the red and/or blue keystones first, the solution is obvious. If the player did not retrieve any other keystones or the player is not paying attention, the puzzle seems impossible. With all three keystones, use one on another to create a tri-colored Repaired Keystone.

Once you have collected all the fragments, combined to a Repaired Keystone and used it on a plinth, the plinth starts to shine, and from the plinth emerges a bizarre ghostly creature. The ghostly creature addresses itself as the wraith of a strong mage (strong enough that you don’t need an amulet of ghostspeak) and an important member of its society. When you ask for information about the wraith, the bizarre ruins and the coffins in Constantius' crypt, it tells you to calm down, and tells you to ask questions one at a time. When you ask about the wraith and its race, it shares its memories (cutscenes) with you to describe the history of its people: the Stargazers.

The Wraith tells that the Stargazers once lived in peace in a calm world, where science and arts flourished. They were proud of their inventions, fusing together sciences and magicks in perfect harmony, making strong use of various colors to describe effects. The Stargazers arrived to Gielinor during the Second Age, a product of their experimentation portal magic. They started to build fortress-cities around the world. While a few of their fortresses were invaded by the forces of the gods, the Stargazers still lived in relative prosperity. The Stargazers had worshiped no god, and when the God Wars began, they had no-one to protect them. Without gods to protect them, the only way they survived a long time through the God Wars was thanks to their advanced technology and inventions. From their fortresses, the Stargazers watched countless of races go extinct, gods die and empires perish, and recorded down all the history from the turbulent age of the God Wars, when very little of the history was recorded at all.

While the Stargazers were initially left alone, as the war was prolonged, the gods started to harass them due to their advanced technology that would've changed the war in favour of the god who had the Stargazers on their side. The Stargazers strived to maintain their neutrality but as the gods became increasingly hostile towards them and when their leaders realized that diplomacy won't get them anywhere save for their destruction, the Stargazers started to sell their warfare technology to the gods in order for them to focus their attention away from them. Eventually an unknown god wanted the Stargazers to side with them, no strings attached, in order for the god to obtain all of their technology and win the war. When the Stargazer leaders refused, the god started to invade the Stargazer fortresses in order to get their technology. While its race was an extremely advanced one, they weren't combatants and even with their superior technology, the fortresses the race held fell one by one, forcing the Stargazers living in these fortresses to take their inventions and flee to other fortresses. The fortress where you and the wraith are is the last Stargazer fortress that stood against them, and as a result of all of the Stargazers from the conquered fortresses had retreated to, all of the Stargazer technology was also stored here.

The last part of the memory takes place during a battle where the dead god and their followers are slowly progressing forward towards the Stargazers' fortress, and that the Stargazers outposts and garrisons stationed outside of the fortress are failing to defend the city, and as a result, a complete annihilation seems to be facing them. The Wraith reveals that a few months before the Stargazers' destruction, after a negotiation with another neutral race, the leaders of the Stargazers and another neutral race decided that the Stargazers' knowledge and technology was too dangerous to fall in the wrong hands. It was decided that the another neutral race would take all of the Stargazers' recorded knowledge, inventions and documents to a safe place, where gods and their followers could not find them: that part of the wraith's memories is artificially blurred, in order to protect the location where the Stargazer technology and records were taken and and to protect the identity of those who took them. The Wraith's memories shows the last load of the Stargazer artifacts being taken away, with The Wraith (back then very much alive) and the ambassador of the another neutral race talking with one another about the unavoidable fate of the Stargazers, before the ambassador, its workers and the last load of documents and inventions being teleported away.

The Wraith tells that even when the Stargazer technology would be out of the gods' reach, they would proceed to capture the surviving Stargazers and torture the information regarding their location out of them, so The Wraith and other Stargazer leaders decided to perform the strongest of the spells they had invented: a powerful spell that would permanently warp the minds of all Stargazers, turning them into mindless, ravaging animals, while killing members of any other species affected by the spell, by warping their mind and nerval system so that they would die instantly. While the other Stargazer leaders were busy preparing to perform the spell, The Wraith performed a spell similar to what First Wizards' Tower's wizards accidentally performed, and turned himself into a wraith, and ordered the other Stargazer mages to seal him into the plinth and ordered its underlings to hide the pieces that activate the plinth inside the fortress, so that there would be at least something that would remain of the Stargazers for the future generations to come.

After all this, you ask about the coffins at Constantius’ crypt. The Wraith mentions that the coffins originally contained terminally ill Stargazers that could be healed in the future as their medical knowledge increased, but Constantius and the Demon Slayers must’ve found the coffins, removed the old corpses and moved them to Constantius’ crypt so that they could have a chance to live in the future. The Wraith tells that the fluid is quite simple to drain from the body and reveals you how to do so. You get the information, but once you exit the Fortress through the main port that was cleared when the plinth was completed, you notice that the Stargazers that were turned into animals didn’t quite face extinction: Instead, they became mindless animals that are extremely difficult to kill. Once the quest is complete, you can come back to fight the Ravenous Stargazers as well as be assigned them by Slayer Masters.

When you go back to Sir Tiffy Cashien to tell about your progress, you notice that he is not here, and there is a Temple Knight waiting for you in his place. The knight tells you that the Demon Slayers and the Temple Knights are already waiting in the crypt. She asks you whether you want to be teleported to the crypt or do you want to walk there, and you can choose whether you teleport there or walk to the crypt.

Once you get back to the crypt, you notice that the Saradominists consisting of the Holy Order of the Demon Slayers and a few Temple Knights including Sir Tiffy are already waiting in the crypt. Father Konrad carries the Wand of Resurrection, which he was given by Saradomin for this very moment (if Sir Owen has the wand after The Death of Chivalry, Saradomin lent the wand from Sir Owen because he has to hide due to his arm).

Father Konrad hands you the Wand and as you first cleanse Constantius' body from the liquid and then zap him with the Wand of Resurrection, Constantius' eyes start glowing and he raises from his coffin. After over two millennia, the founder of the Holy Order of the Demon Slayers is alive once again. After Constantius steps out of his coffin, he asks you few things, such as your name, what year it is now, and most importantly, what kind of calamity has occured that has required him to be resurrected in the first place. When you tell him briefly that Guthix is dead (while of course being critical of the ‘Myth the rogue druids spoke of.’), the gods including Saradomin are back and Pazuzu is about to return, Constantius agrees to help you and the Saradominists, but first he asks you to revive the rest of the Demon Slayers in the crypt. You get a brief morality choice if you want to or not. If you do, you add a few silent and stoic ancient priests to stand by Constantius later in the quest. If not, Constatius insults you a bit, but understands that it is in the end, your decision.

Whichever you choose, Sir Tiffy proposes that they should all regroup back at Falador Castle to plot the assault on Pazuzu. Konrad supports this idea, and before you know it the Demon Slayers and Temple Knights teleport away with Constantius and his fellows (if you resurrected them). You are asked whether you want to join them: if you do, you are taken straight to Falador Castle. If not, you have to make your way to Falador yourself.

The war room is where Sir Amik usually stands in Falador Castle. When you attempt to use the stairs to climb to that floor, you will be offered if you wish to progress the quest, which brings you into an instanced version of the floor.

When you enter the meeting room, you see that the Temple Knight and White Knight leadership (Sir Tiffy and Sir Amik, as well as a handful of other high-ranking White Knights and Temple Knights), both the old and modern Demon Slayers (Adelaide, Reen, Badden, Konrad, and Constantius), and King Roald and Aeonisig Raispher representing the Kingdom of Misthalin are there, creating a plan regarding what to do with Pazuzu.

The meeting parties are creating a plan to "trap" Pazuzu in the Wilderness, by contacting the Militia of Varrock, to hold the line at the Wilderness wall (with Falador's aid, of course), should Pazuzu ever attack. This would keep Pazuzu in his own lands, while also giving time to bolster human defences. Most of the attending people prefer this solution, focusing on defence over offence.

However, Constantius demands that Pazuzu must die, claiming that he is too dangerous to be allowed to regain his former power after he has been freed, and demands that instead of waiting for a possible attack, they should attack straight away into the Wilderness, crash the heavily guarded Pazuzu's summoning ceremonial, and kill Pazuzu on the spot. In order to achieve this, the Demon slayers and Temple Knights would put their forces under his control, as he knows best what to do. The other participants are baffled by Constantius' claim. Sir Amik Varze points out that hundreds, if not thousands of soldiers could die in a direct assault, and King Roald points out that Misthalin is a secular state and thus doesn't need to send their citizens to die in the name of Saradomin, stating that he will stick with stance of defence over offence.

Constantius highlights that according to the law of Misthalin and Asgarnia, the Kings are granted their right to rule over their kingdoms by Saradomin during his department from Gielinor: ergo, technically they aren't the supreme leaders of their kingdoms, Saradomin is, and since he has returned, their positions can be considered invalid, and it is only for Saradomin's benevolence that they haven't been unsurped yet by a king candidate more suitable for the task. Constantius also points out that since he knew Saradomin better than anyone else present in the meeting, being the one of the few humans alive who met him in person, his world should be accepted as the word of Saradomin due to his absence in the meeting. Constantius continues by claiming that the Kings' bloodline has been chosen by Saradomin, giving them a divine right to rule, and now it was time for that bloodline to repay the favor by aiding in the offence against the Zamorakian blight.

Roald begrudginly accepts giving over control, thanks to advice from his advisor, and since the White Knights and the Temple Knights represent King Vallance during his absence and the king is not present to object Constantius' claims, Sir Amik and Sir Tiffy are forced to give over control as well. When Konrad objects Constantius' decisions, claiming that he is mad for vengeance and threatens to withdraw the support of the modern Demon Slayers should he attempt to put his battleplans into action, Constantius tells Konrad that since he alone is the official leader of the Demon Slayers and the other leaders have only ruled de facto in his absence, he is entitled of higher position on the hierarchy of the Demon Slayers than Konrad is, meaning that his authority overrides that of Konrad. Constantius tells Konrad to obey his decisions without any complains from now on, or he will have him stripped from his current position within the Demon Slayers.

You chime in asking what your role is, in which Constantius declares you will be the vanguard for the mission. When you ask what that exactly meant, Konrad bluntly states that Constantius wants you to be on the first to kill and the first to die. When you question Constantius' decision, Constantius tells that he learned that you were accepted as a Demon Slayer without an initial training phase or even being made an official candidate, which he finds even during a crisis of this magnitude unacceptable: rules are made to be obeyed, not to be broken. Constantius admits that you have a lot of potential and that you would likely qualify for a higher position than any of the current Demon Slayers solely based on your existing record as an adventurer, but even that does not justify giving you a full pass and making you a full-time member of the order just by that. He however tells that your role as the vanguard will, as it will serve as your trial by fire, determining whether you will be made a full-time member of the Demon Slayers. Either you succeed and stand tall among the Demon Slayers; or die trying, failing miserably, leaving no-one to mourn you. Constantius then informs that all available armed Saradominist forces and their allies from the vicinity of Misthalin and Asgarnia will be needed if they want to ensure that Pazuzu is killed, as he has had a habit of escape almost certain death during the God Wars: only an overkill would ensure that he stays dead. Finally, Constantius tells that the army of the Saradominist Alliance will regroup at Edgeville for the assault. The groups decide to end the meeting there, and prepare for the attack.

When you get to Edgeville, you notice that Constantius has organized the what armed forces Asgarnia and Misthalin had to offer into an army fairly quickly, as various soldiers clad in Saradominist armour are walking around Edgeville (composed of Padomenes from the Battle of Lumbridge, White Knights, Temple Knights, The Armed Forces of Misthalin and the Demon Slayers). Constantius, alongside other Saradominists are waiting for you to join them on the town square, north-west of the bank. Prepare for the final part of the quest and take your best combat gear and all the supplies you might need for multiple battles, and agree to join them once you are ready. Before you leave, Gideon Bede and Adelaide tell you that if they cannot stop Pazuzu in time, they will need a contingency plan. They give you Darklight (the one from your bank, if you have one there. If you had lost yours, they give you one then. If you already have one on you, they compliment your preparedness).

The entire segment inside Wilderness is instanced, so you do not need to worry about PKers, and if you die here, your grave will be in Edgeville.

(Being the vanguard, your role is to scout ahead while the armies follow you. In other words, these fights are solo)

As you proceed in the Wilderness, you will have to face different enemy groups, each with different motives. Your first encounter will feature Zamorakian Warband bandits, who want to use Pazuzu to gain more power in order to wipe other Bandit Warbands out of existence and take complete dominance of the Wilderness. Thankfully it is a scaled-down version of a warband, with just a Zamorakian warband boss (Scaled to be a solo-version, as well as scaled to be moderately difficult for people of various levels, like the Grand Warden) and two melee bandits.

The Dark Warriors will be next, and you have to fight a champion of theirs: a powerful archer general. The Dark Archer states that he wants to ensure that Pazuzu will remain an ally of Zamorak and the Kinshra. You ask why Pazuzu would stop being an ally of Zamorak, but the Dark Archer silences you by attacking. He is also scaled and uses various bow abilities.

Finally, you have to fight group of Necromancers and Dark Mages, who stick to sending their zombies on you rather than fighting you. They intend to use Pazuzu to study and harness his power. You don't actually fight the Necromancers or the Dark Mages, but you do need to fight about nine Zombies (three mages, three meleers, three rangers). You comment to yourself you wish you had some bone seeds left to deal with these Zamorakians.

Padomenes flies his way over to you at this point, and asks about the progress of fighting the Zamorakians. You remark to him that the path should be clear now, and he reports that the army is short behind, and to prepare for battle at the north-east volcano.

Ultimately, the Saradominist army gets to the Wilderness Volcano, where the Zamorakians, led by Moia (if you have never met her, she will address herself to you as Zamorak's right-hand) are already waiting: They have formed a massive army using the creatures of the Wilderness, and are on their way to releasing Pazuzu. This leads to the final battle, in which the player is forced to pick a side: Zamorakians who want to resurrect Pazuzu, or Saradomin pact who want to kill Pazuzu, or would rather stay neutral and try to secure Pazuzu's alliance for yourself. Depending on who you side with, you will have different opponents to fight (White Knights and Elite Dark Warriors, using abilities much like at the Battle of Lumbridge) but all of them are equally difficult. You will need to kill four soldiers for the quest to progress: two Saradominist/Zamorakian archers and two Saradominist/Zamorakian warriors. If you chose to fight for yourself, you need to fight one Saradominst archer, one Saradominist warrior, one Zamorakian archer, and one Zamorakian warrior.

The battle ends with Pazuzu being resurrected no matter what side player chooses... but instead of joining the rest of the Zamorakians, Pazuzu blasts Moia away in a burst of flames, and sweeps away a legion of Elite Dark Warriors who rush to her defence, in melee no less, showing that he has become incredibly powerful.

He explains that while trapped in magma, Pazuzu has lost his faith in Zamorak after waiting for freedom from his molten prison for centuries while in horrible pain. Instead, he decided to get back to Gielinor on his own, clawing himself slowly through magma until he made it to the edges of the surface.

After this, Pazuzu demonstrates his power even further by creating an army of his own, consisting of strange elemental creatures made of lava and fire. Almost all of the Zamorakians, excluding Moia and the soldiers standing closest to her, switch sides and join with Pazuzu's forces. Pazuzu claims that his dream has been to set Gielinor in flames ever since he arrived at Second Age, and that he won't stop until the world is nothing but ashes.

However, right after Pazuzu finishes his dramatic speech; Zebub arrives with Sire, the Chaos Druids, Chaos Monks and the Black Knights and calls for attention. As Zamorakians see Zebub in his full might, most of the old creatures who knew Zebub and all of the Zamorakians who switched sides become restless, as he is the most respected demon general amongst Zamorakians, and was once treated by them as the ultimate authority figure second only to Zamorak himself. Zebub tells Pazuzu to stop his childish rebellion and to join with Zamorakians. Zebub also tells to the Zamorakians who have joined with Pazuzu that he allows them to join with them one more time and fight for Zamorak as they are supposed to; otherwise they will be deemed traitors and will be punished as such. All of a sudden, Zamorakians start walking back to their side and Pazuzu is left alone with his fire creatures. Even more surprisingly, Pazuzu apparently gives up with his revolution and starts to walk towards Zamorakians as well, but before he reaches them, Constantius charges at Pazuzu, knocks him down and starts wildly 'smiting' him down with his mace, yelling insults and screaming at him, and seemingly kills Pazuzu.

When Constantius rises, other notable characters, including Zebub and the player stare at him in a shock. Constantius claims that Saradomin guided his hand for greater good and suggests leaving the volcano as he walks away from Pazuzu's bruised and extinguished corpse towards Saradominists. However, as he walks through the crowd, Pazuzu's flames are igniting, and the demon is rising and growing larger in the background. When Constantius realizes something is wrong and looks again at Pazuzu, he has grown at the size of Zebub. Enraged, Pazuzu lashes his claw at Constantius, swinging him meters away. Zebub then charges at Pazuzu and engages in battle with him, but Pazuzu casts a fire spell to Zebub's metal weapons, causing them to heat and forcing Zebub to drop them, allowing Pazuzu to knock him down. When Pazuzu grabs Zebub from his throat and is about to kill him, Zamorakians and Saradominists fire a volley of arrows and spells at Pazuzu, to which he responds by throwing Zebub at them, knocking out their important members, such as Moia, Padomenes, and the Demon Slayers. This is the point where you engage in battle with Pazuzu.

Final Boss Battle: Pazuzu

Compared to most quest boss battles at the moment, Pazuzu is challenging to fight. He can attack using melee, magic and ranged, and doesn't have a weakness. Pazuzu also has multiple special abilities which he will use as the battle moves on.

While fighting Pazuzu, a red bar starts to fill at the top part of the screen. This is his 'enrage meter'. When he isn't very angry, he will only use his normal attacks and his max hit is somewhat low. As you deal damage to Pazuzu, he will get increasingly angry: critical hits increase anger faster than normal hits, and attacking Pazuzu from far away while taking minimal damage will double the anger generation. As Pazuzu gets angrier, his max hit increases and he starts to use more special abilities, which drain his anger. If these special attacks backfire, his anger rises more than he used to the attack. This also works the other way around: if you take a lot of damage from Pazuzu and his special attacks work against you, his anger decreases and he will use less special abilities. However, he will start using the special attacks as his health starts dropping down as well, meaning that there is truly no way to prevent him from using all of his special attacks in one fight.

During the whole fight:

  • Pazuzu can smash his fists on the ground, spawning multiple lava vents across the battlefield that deal heavy damage to you if you step on them. The lava vents last for around 15 to 20 seconds before they despawn, or until you step on one. If Pazuzu steps on them, they do not damage him, but rather slowly increase his rage level. Since he is quite the large foe, it is a bit difficult to have him avoid these vents. Thus it is recommended to move away from them and to lure Pazuzu away from the lava vents using Provoke or Incite
  • The fire/lava elementals Pazuzu summoned during the cutscene will assist him during the fight. At the beginning of the fight, there will be eight of them in the battlefield. Pazuzu will also spawn four of them when his health goes down 25%, 50% and 75%, and they can randomly spawn from the lava vents Pazuzu opens during the battle. When fought, they attack with all combat styles and can set you on fire, dealing damage-over-time, draining your stats and decreasing your defence, accuracy and damage rating across all combat styles. In addition to that, they can heal Pazuzu and cancel the status effects on him if they are not in combat, so it is recommended to take them down as quickly as possible when they appear. Given the fact they spawn off of the lava vents, it may be in your best interest to tank out the damage by stepping on them prematurely.
  • Every time his health goes down by 20%, he will spawn fire tornadoes that will randomly sweep across the battleground. They function like the tornadoes Kree'Arra summon during his boss battle in The World Wakes, with the exception that in addition of dealing more damage per second, they will set you on fire which will also inflict a damage over time-effect on you. Fortunately, the tornadoes won't last long, and will die out after a few seconds.
  • Pazuzu can also grab you with magic and either move you away from him if you are attacking him with melee, or move you near him if you are away from him or fighting him with either Ranged or Magic.
  • Every now and then, a handful of either Zamorakians or Saradominists will join the fight with you, and help kill some of the lava elemental spawns. When they’re out of lava creatures, they’ll attempt to attack Pazuzu. This will momentarily distract Pazuzu, but he will proceed to attack them with one of his special attacks, killing all of the attacking warriors in an instant.

Special attacks

  • When his anger goes above 25% and after his health drops below 80% for the first time, he can cast a 7x7 Area of Effect spell on your location that deals thousands of lifepoints of damage to anyone inside the spell's area, including the fire/lava elementals, Saradominists, and Zamorakians. The spell can only be evaded by using movement abilities such as Surge, Barge, or Escape.
  • When his anger goes above 40% and after his health drops below 60% for the first time, Pazuzu creates a fire shield around him that blocks all damage dealt to him and fires volleys of fireballs up in the sky, constantly doing damage until only a small amount of your life points remain. This can be avoided by moving around as the fireballs follows behind you, and waiting until Pazuzu stops his bombardment for a second. The way to end the special attack is by taking down his down by a successful hit with Darklight or Holy water and then by dealing damage to him by any means.
  • When his anger goes above 50% and after his health drops below 50% for the first time, AND ONLY IF YOU ARE AT A RANGE, he will leap into the air and after a few seconds, land to the spot you are at. Unless you move from your current spot right away, Pazuzu will land on top of you, dealing approximately damage equal to 40% of your maximum health. The attack will also create a lava vent into the spot Pazuzu landed on.
  • When his anger goes above 50% and after his health drops below 50% for the first time, ONLY IF YOU ARE IN MELEE DISTANE, he will try to stab you with his claws. The attack will take a few seconds to initiate and can be evaded by moving away from melee distance, but if you get hit, you will be dealt rapid bleeding damage for 6 seconds for damage equal to 40% of your maximum health. The attack will also lower your Constitution level, meaning that the player's maximum lifepoints will be lowered, and therefore the player will be unable to heal up to their original Constitution level unless the lost levels are restored.
  • When his anger goes above 60% and after his health drops below 40% for the first time, he will stun you and prepares to cast a powerful disintegration spell. If you are not prepared against the attack, the attack will kill you, however there are ways to counter the damage. Disruption Shield, Barricade and Resonance will block the damage, while Anticipation will decrease the damage received. In addition, Ring/Portent/Sign of Life and Phoenix necklace will save you from the attack.
  • When his anger goes above 75% and after his health drops below 25% for the first time, Pazuzu will be taken over by his anger and will enter a state of berserk. During his rampage he will move twice as fast as normally and his attack speed, accuracy and maximum damage output is notably increased. However, his defensive stats are decreased, he cannot be healed by his fire/lava elementals, he will attempt to get to your melee distance and his anger bar won't rise. He will eventually calm down, turning back to his normal self. A stun can end his rampage early on.
  • When his anger reaches 100%, he will prepare his strongest attack, a powerful hellfire spell. The attack will take very long to initiate, but once the attack is ready, the attack will kill you regardless of the effects of Ring/Portent/Sign of Life, Phoenix necklace or any of the defensive abilities. The only way to prevent the attack from occurring is to use any ultimate ability against him, which will cause the spell to fail, damaging him in the progress and draining his anger to 50%. His defence will be drastically lowered during the time he prepares his attack, meaning that it is practically impossible to miss with the ultimate attack. He will also do this attack when his health reaches 1%, meaning that you can only kill him with an ultimate attack.

After defeating Pazuzu, a cutscene starts. Pazuzu faints and falls to the ground, and starts to shrink back to his original size. Zebub, who has managed to recovered from Pazuzu's assault, states that there has been enough fighting for one day and suggests that all of the armies would leave the Wilderness, as the reason why they came here in the first place has been dealt with.

However, now-recovered Constantius approaches Zebub and states that now that Zamorakians are weak, he wants to finish his duty and to destroy all the other present Zamorakians. Other Saradominists disagree with Constantius, stating that they should not fight for now and they should instead move out and regroup. Constantius tries to charge at Pazuzu to finish him off, but Zebub steps in between him and Pazuzu and calls him out of his behaviour, as trying to kill a surrendered enemy is not something a proper Saradominist would do. Other Saradominist forces agree, and even a good deal of the Zamorakian forces.

Infuriated, Constantius tries to attack Zebub, only managing to earn the ire of the elder-demon in the progress. Zebub asks you to help him in order to beat some sense to Constantius' head and to prevent him from killing Pazuzu. Likewise, Constantius asks you to take care of Zebub so he can kill Pazuzu. Now, you have a choice whom to help: whether you want to help Zebub to protect Pazuzu, or to help Constantius to kill Pazuzu.

After you make your choice and you are about to say with whom you are going to side with, you are interrupted by Zamorak teleporting to the area. He tells Zebub and Constantius to settle their petty squabble and to focus on what they were doing here in the first place: getting rid of the threat posed by Pazuzu. Zamorak tells that he has already made his choice of what to do with Pazuzu, but he asks your opinion. You will tell the option you picked, and you also have the option to explain why you picked that option, leading to Zebub and Constantius saying their opinions about your decision and reasoning for it.

Regardless of your option, Zamorak notes to the weak Pazuzu that he is slightly proud of his stand against his superiors and his drive for power, strength and freedom of his own, but disappointed of his futile attack against the other Zamorakians and his childish tantrum. Zamorak presents him an ultimatum: if he is still willing to work for him, he will spare his life; otherwise he will let him to be mauled to death by Constantius. Zebub notes to Zamorak that at this point Pazuzu is incapable of talking due to all the damage he suffered during the last few minutes just moments before Zamorak's arrival. Zamorak decides that he will spare Pazuzu's life, considering his rebellion's failure after Zebub's arrival and the armies would've had far less casualities if Constantius wouldn't have assaulted him. He also tells that he has plans for Pazuzu in the future, but before he leaves, he states that Zebub and Sire will be responsible from reforming Pazuzu and from now on Pazuzu will work under Zebub as long as either of them is alive. Zamorak also congratulates you on your zeal in battle, and is impressed that any human could withstand a pyromancer's reign of destruction. Zamorak begins to teleports away with Zebub, Pazuzu and rest of his forces, but before that he is interrupted by Pazuzu wishing to utter what few words he can manage to you. The demon remarks on your choice of who you sided with before his return. If you sided with the Saradominists, he says he regrets he could not defeat you. If you sided with the Zamorakians, he will admit that you are indeed his better. If you wished to work alone and work with Pazuzu alone, he will mention that the two of you will meet again. Zamorak is satisfied with the demon's answer, and finishes his teleport. With the Zamorakians away, the Saradominist army decides to depart.

The quest ends with a mission debriefing with Sir Tiffy Cashien and the Demon Slayers in Edgeville after you have a short chat with them in the battleground. The joint Saradominist forces congratulate you for your efforts, and even if they are disheartened Pazuzu is back in the world, are pleased with your efforts in pacifying him. Constantius (if you tried to kill Zebub) or Konrad (if you tried to stop Constantius) decide you are to be an official member of the Holy Order of Demon Slayers.


Rewards for completing the quest:

  • "Demon Slayer" title.
  • "Pazuzu Firemaking" animation, which consits of shooting a fire spell at a bonfire.
  • Emberlight, an upgrade to Darklight created by a biproduct of Pazuzu's ash on it. Emberlight is a level 60 longsword with improved version of Darklight special attack and the stats of a level 80 longsword on demons the demon slayer master assigns.
  • Demonslayer sigil: A new pocket slot item. When worn while fighting Demons, you have a chance based on your Prayer level (1-25 1 10% chance, 26-50 a 20% chance, 51-75 a 30% chance, and 75-99 a 40% chance) to do an extra hit for 25% of the regular damage.
  • Access to Northern Fortress and Northern Fortress Slayer Area, and the new Ravenous Stargazers mentioned above.
  • Access to Ruins of Old Entrana Dungeon/Entrana Slayer Dungeon, where you can fight Saradominist Spiritual Warriors, Mages and Rangers. Spiritual combatants here are tougher to kill than in God Wars Dungeon, but grant better drops. Helpful for Slayer tasks. The Chaos Druids' bank chest form the quest remains in the cavern.
  • Access to Demon slayer tasks (demons only slayer assignments) and access to the Demon Slayer Armoury.
  • Ability to fight the new fire/lave slayer creatures summoned by Pazuzu. The fire monsters are located in High-Level Wilderness Dungeon, in Forinthry Dungeon and in Chaos Tunnels. Count as pyrefiends during slayer assignments, making them the high-level alternative for pyrefiends. These extra rooms are reached via "flame portals" that work in a similar way to Resource Dungeons.
  • Improved drops from Demon bosses (Demon bosses will now drop Demon Slayer equipment more commonly and their normal drops will be more generous.)
  • Zebub's Helmet, Constantius' Warhood, or Pazuzu Mask, depending on your choice to which side you chose during the battle during Pazuzu's return.
    • Zebub's Helmet, Pazuzu Mask, or Constantius' Warhood: Each is a cosmetic piece of headgear. Zebub's Helmet matches well with K'ril Tsutsaroth skins, Constantius' Warhood works with Demon Slayer armour, and Pazuzu's mask fits well with the Flameheart armour.
  • A small Slayer experience lamp, granting you 5000 Slayer xp (req 30 Slayer) and a large Slayer experience lamp, granting you 50,000 Slayer xp (req 83 Slayer)
  • A small Divination experience lamp, granting you 8,000 Divination xp (req 45 Divination) and a large Divination experience lamp, granting you 65,000 Divination xp (req 75 Divination)
  • A small Hunter experience lamp, granting you 7,000 Hunter xp (40 Hunter) and a large Hunter experience lamp, granting you 100,000 Hunter xp (req 85 Hunter)

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